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Victoria Remembers (ATOM Study Guide)

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War has profoundly shaped Australia as a nation, both on the front lines and at home. The experiences of Australian soldiers in major conflicts, such as at Gallipoli, Fromelles or Kokoda, have become pivotal moments in the country's collective identity, reflecting qualities of resilience and mateship. On the home front, war efforts have influenced social and economic structures, catalysing changes in gender roles, industrial development, and immigration patterns, all of which have left an enduring impact on Australian society.

Exploring Australia's war heritage provides a chance to remember and pay tribute to those who served. It also offers insights into reasons the nation and individuals engaged in military conflicts and the impact of these decisions on contemporary political, economic and social structures. Looking at this history from different perspectives can help us understand the colourful mix of experiences that shaped the country, our values and identity.

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