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Lake of Scars, The (ATOM Study Guide)

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Year Levels: 8-11
Streaming Content: Lake of Scars, The

In a corner of Australia exists a place of astounding natural beauty, archaeological significance, and age-old culture. But the Indigenous scarred trees and artefacts found here are at risk – until an unlikely intergenerational partnership comes forth to save the site for future generations. The Lake of Scars tells a story of allyship, environmentalism and cultural rebirth; a picture of what reconciliation between Aboriginal and European Australians might look like. But is that idea harder than it seems?

Hosted by beloved Dja Dja Wurrung actor Uncle Jack Charles in a unique 'in-cinema' role, The Lake of Scars details the relationship between an ageing white farmer and members of Victoria's Yung Balug clan of the Dja Dja Wurrung, as they seek to showcase and protect Australia's largest collection of scarred trees. Jida Gulpilil, son of legendary late actor David Gulpilil, is at home on his mother's country, sharing the story of the dozens of scarred trees, middens and stone scatters at home in a series of beautifully shot red-gum fringed ephemeral lakes on the edge of the Victorian Mallee.

Curriculum Guidelines:

The Lake of Scars can be linked to the following subject areas within the Australian Curriculum Years 8–11:

  • Civics & Citizenship
  • Geography
  • Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Languages
  • Media Arts
  • Modern History (Year 11)
  • Science

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