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Talking Language (ATOM Study Guide)

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Talking Language, presented by Ernie Dingo, is a personal journey providing a unique understanding of how knowledge of Aboriginal languages is shaped by ancestral connections to the land, stars, water, sea and the air we breathe.

Ernie visits six people from across Australia whose stories of a spiritual connection to country highlight some of the benefits and current challenges people face to maintain, revive and create languages within their communities.

Throughout his journey, Ernie explores the complex balance between language, stories and relationship to country. Importantly, he discovers how these relationships have been affected by a different type of relationship to country that has come to bear since European colonisation and development – a relationship that exists in ignorance of the sacred lore and customs that nourish Aboriginal languages.

Ernie's quest reveals a diversity of language that has a direct connection to how Aboriginal people listen, understand and speak to country. In return, country speaks to them. This raises an important question that each person Ernie visits must answer – what is the future of Aboriginal languages in their community?

Curriculum Links

This study guide is mainly aimed at middle and senior secondary school levels, with relevance to English, Australian History, Geography, Indigenous Studies, Language Studies, Sustainability, Interpersonal Development, Personal Learning, Cultural Studies, Ethics and Philosophy, and Media Studies.

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