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Swapping Lives (ATOM Study Guide)

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Swapping Lives is a documentary film suitable for secondary students: an intimate and moving story about two young women who exchange family, friends and cultures. Violet Rish, a nineteen-year-old Australian university student swaps lives for ten weeks with Sri Maharani Tun Winahyu Dewi, a 22-year-old Indonesian Muslim. Equipped with digital video cameras, the women are asked to record their respective cultural encounters and to create micro-documentaries and video diaries that offer a contemporary and challenging exploration of the issues that directly affect the lives of young women like Violet and Dewi. Racial intolerance flourishes in a climate of ignorance. Harmony can be achieved though recognising the worth of cultural diversity. In a world of uncertainty and fear, Swapping Lives aims to change perception.

Curriculum Links:
The study guide to accompany Swapping Lives, a documentary by 6moons Interactive, has been written for middle and senior secondary students. It provides information and suggestions for learning activities in the following curriculum areas:

  • English
  • International Studies
  • Religious Education
  • Media

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