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Into the Shadows (ATOM Study Guide)

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Into the Shadows (Andrew Scarano, 2009) is an independently produced documentary that explores Australian film production and consumption. Inspired by the 2006 closing of Electric Shadows, a local independent cinema in Canberra, the film reveals how corporate multiplex cinemas have overtaken many of the smaller independent cinemas throughout Australia and provides a glimpse into an industry that has both thrived and struggled throughout the eras.

The film is made up of six chapters that explore the many facets of the Australian film industry, from its history to its present state and, finally, its need for regeneration. Into the Shadows includes interviews with a range of industry professionals including filmmakers, distributors and exhibitors. The role and expectations of the audience are brought into question, as well as the responsibilities of those who hold the power over film production and distribution in Australia. At times controversial, Into the Shadows presents an engaging and honest account of the Australian film industry.

Into the Shadows was co-produced by Andrew Scarano (director/writer/co-producer/editor) and Phil Hignett (co-producer/editor/cameraman). Scarano was inspired to begin the project by his grandfather, Keith Mann, who worked as the chief projectionist at Electric Shadows for twenty-five years. The finished product is a well-researched piece that presents the opinions of many known Australian film identities and shows a genuine concern for an industry that contributes greatly to our national culture and identity.

Into the Shadows is most suited to senior Media students.

The DVD for Into the Shadows is also available to purchase here.

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