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First In to Gallipoli (Secondary-Level ATOM Study Guide)

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What does the Australian submarine AE2 tell us about the Australian experience of World War One?

This resource has been developed as an inquiry-based resource for the Australian Curriculum: History at Year 9. It provides evidence and activities for this aspect of World War One:

  • Students investigate key aspects of World War One and the Australian experience of war, including the nature and significance of the war and Australian history.

It allows students to investigate this aspect of the Australian experience through the focus of the last voyage of the submarine AE2.

It particularly covers these aspects of knowledge of the war:

  • The places where Australians fought and the nature of warfare during World War One, including the Gallipoli campaign
  • The commemoration of World War One, including debates about the nature and significance of the Anzac legend.

The activities are designed for classroom use, but may also be used as research or additional study. All activities are self-contained and only require the printing of pages for students to work on. Teachers can use the resource in its entirety or select and adapt components to suit their own needs and circumstances.

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