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Cracking the Colour Code (ATOM Study Guide)

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Taking the globe as its canvas, and drawing on science, history, art and other disciplines, Cracking the Colour Code is a visually stunning exploration of how we view colours, how we make them, and the meanings they hold in our world. There are three one-hour episodes, with each episode focusing on a fundamental aspect of colour.

Episode 1 – 'Viewing Colours' – explores how the eye and brain create the sensation of colour and the role played by colour vision in human and animal evolution.
Episode 2 – 'Making Colours' – looks at the creation and development of colours from ancient ochres to the harnessing of light in the digital age.
Episode 3 – 'The Power of Colour' – explores the cultural and symbolic language of colour and the effects that colour can have on our minds and even our bodies.

Cracking the Colour Code is an Australian/French co-production.

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