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Beyond Our Ken (ATOM Study Guide)

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It is derided as a 'secretive cult' in the media, its leader described as a 'seedy conman' in parliament. For twenty-five years Kenja have fought all the world could throw at them. Yet Kenja isn't going under.

In 2007 Ken Dyers and Jan Hamilton allowed a film crew unprecedented access to the 'spiritual evolvement centre' they founded in 1982. Here, life's purpose is defined, the human spirit discovered, and the universe explained.

But beyond the apparent utopia, Kenja are accused of practicing a hypnotic form of mind control. Families blame the group for the disappearance of loved ones, and the people of Kenja prepare to defend themselves against yet another court case.

How can the view from inside Kenja be so different from the one outside?

Beyond Our Ken explores the anatomy and ambiguity of the 'cult' enigma.

As Kenja attendees past and present describe their experiences we discover the extent to which environment defines our reality – a reality as fragile as the truth.

Curriculum links

This study guide is mainly aimed at middle to senior secondary school levels, with relevance to English, Media and Film Studies, SOSE/HSIE, History, Cultural Studies, Psychology, Ethics and Philosophy, and Religious Studies.

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