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Ask The Doctor (ATOM Study Guide)

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What's the one thing that we all wish we could preserve forever? No, it's not the bank balance, our first love or grandma's best recipes. It's our health.

Produced by WTFN, Ask the Doctor is an innovative, fun and exploratory factual series that addresses the state of the nation’s health, the latest in medical treatments and the future of healthcare as we know it.

Our trio of accomplished Aussie doctors, Dr Shalin Naik, Dr Renee Lim, and Dr Sandro Demaio, travel the country to tackle our big health questions, bust medical myths and uncover the wonders of the human body. Here to answer Australian's health questions from how to treat the common cold to how much alcohol to drink, our medical experts deliver reliable, up-to-date medical advice to help people live healthy lives.

Each of the twelve 30-minute episodes features a different theme ranging from diet to sexual health. From the bedroom to the science laboratory, the dinner table to the operating table, we take a peek behind the medical curtain and explore both the most common and the most uncommon health concerns. We learn what the leading experts in their fields are discovering and witness firsthand the advances they're making in medical technology and treatments.

Dr Renee Lim takes us on an intimate and personal quest to meet some of the brave Australians facing serious health challenges and the scientists conducting innovative research trying to help them. Dr Sandro Demaio and Dr Shalin Naik will personally experience the latest and greatest medical treatments being developed in Australia. We see the doctors putting their own bodies on the line in the quest for definitive facts and outcomes. Finally, our not-so-glamorous model Gary provides a human anatomy to demonstrate the wondrous biological mechanisms at work inside our bodies.

Curriculum Links

This series can be linked to the following subjects in the Australian Curriculum:

  • Health and Physical Education
  • Science

And the General Capabilities of:

  • Ethical Understanding
  • Critical and Creative Thinking

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