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Reef Doctors (ATOM Study Guide)

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Reef Doctors is a twenty-first-century family adventure drama series set on the picturesque Great Barrier Reef, particularly suited for use in the classroom with Years 7–10 students. The drama series' interest is developed through the unusual (and very beautiful) setting and strong character development in a storyline backgrounded by medical and scientific research activities. The series provides sufficient information to the audience to appreciate the science as a background within the contexts set up in the drama of interesting, believable and realistic people's lives. These contexts provide a suitable way in for teachers of students in Years 7–10 to explore relevant aspects of Science, Geography, English and Media Studies. The visuals used in the context of living things and research activities, such as the milking of sea snakes for venom seen in Episode 1, are particularly fascinating and useful for providing specific examples of concepts explored in relation to scientific investigations and media studies. The program setting and characters are developed in ways that create opportunities for exploration of cross-curriculum priorities of the Australian Curriculum of ICT, Sustainability and Personal Development.


Running the remote Hope Island Clinic, Sam Stewart is an accomplished doctor who, with her team, looks after the residents of all the neighbouring islands, as well as the holidaymakers and thrill-seekers who visit the area. Not only a GP, Sam is a single mother with a free spirit and a determination for an unusual hobby: venom.

Through all their adventures, good and bad, the residents of the tiny island pull together – proving that there are many definitions of the term 'family'.

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