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Moody Christmas, A (ATOM Study Guide)

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How does an unsentimental family get through the most sentimental time of year?

Every year Dan Moody travels home from London to spend Christmas with his overbearing family. While most families bask in the warm glow of Christmas spirit, the Moody family seemingly disintegrate, cracking under the pressure of forced civility and their very unique brand of domestic politics.

Once a year, for six years, A Moody Christmas invites the audience to celebrate Christmas with the lovably dysfunctional Moody family. Every episode is stuffed full of all the fun, fights, bad gifts, boring uncles, overbearing in-laws, shocking family secrets and bizarre eccentricities that any family who has experienced the melting pot of Christmas Day will relate to.

This study guide to accompany A Moody Christmas, a six-part narrative comedy series by Jungleboys production in association with ABC TV and Screen NSW, has been written for students in Year 10 undertaking subjects within the domains of English, The Arts – Media and within the strand of Physical, Personal and Social Learning. The film is a suitable text for study in English, Health and Human Development, Literature, Media and Sociology.

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