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Talk Sense: A practical guide for good communicators

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Talk Sense: A practical guide for good communicators is an 80-page book by Alan Pentland.

We live and work in a transitioning economy, subject to digital disruption, and part of a large global market. Good communication is not a 'nice-to-have', it is an essential.

When it comes to great moments of influence, nothing will replace the power of an individual who can stand up and speak with clarity, conviction and presence.

Talk Sense uses an effective, no-nonsense approach to teach skills that range from presentation to specific business challenges. Practical techniques promote clarity, structure and charisma, which can benefit the areas of leadership, productivity and innovation.

Everyone begins with a different personality and skills. Talk Sense creates a journey of learning that is flexible. It covers many techniques and tips so that you can find ones that make sense to you and start from there.


I first met Alan as a writer in Fast Forward back in the '90s. I used to go to the canteen regularly at Channel 7 as the food was cheap and close to where I lived. I once took a friend for a cheap feed at the canteen and he was blown away when Ferret (Alan Pentland) came over to talk to me. He couldn't believe that I knew Ferret. Alan and I went on to write a TV show (Jimeoin) and a film (The Craic) together. He has a great discipline for writing and working through a creative idea and getting it on the page. By the way, my friend in the canteen was Eric Bana. – Jimeoin

Alan always injects a rare combination of professionalism and creativity into whatever he does. – Steve Vizard

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