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Cultural Diversity in Music Education: Directions and Challenges for the 21st Century

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Over the past decade, cultural diversity in music education has come of age, both in terms of content and approach. The world of music education is now widely considered to be culturally diverse by definition. Within this environment, appropriate strategies for learning and teaching are being reconsidered. Many scholars and practitioners have abandoned rigid conceptions of context and authenticity, or naive perceptions of music as a universal language that appeals to all.

In four sections, this volume offers contemporary views from scholars, educationalists, classroom practitioners and experts in specific disciplines. From this diversity of perspectives, the challenges posed by music travelling through time, place and contexts are being addressed for what they are: fascinating studies in the dynamic life of music, education and culture. In this way, Cultural Diversity in Music Education chronicles the latest insights into a field that has convincingly moved from the sidelines to centre stage in both the practice and theory of music education.

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