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Arden Shakespeare, The: Arden Guide to Renaissance Drama, The

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The Arden Guide to Renaissance Drama is a single critical and contextual resource for students embarking on an in-depth exploration of early modern drama, providing both critical insight and accessible contextual information. This companion equips students with the information needed to situate the plays in their socio-political, intellectual and literary contexts. Divided into two parts, it introduces students to the major authors and significant dramatic texts of the period and emphasises the importance of both a historicist and close-reading approach to better engage with these works.

The Guide offers:

  • Primary texts from key early modern scholars such as Machiavelli, Heywood and Sidney
  • Contextual information vital to a full understanding of the drama of the period
  • Close readings of fourteen of the most widely studied play texts by Shakespeare and his contemporaries
  • A single resource to accompany any study of early modern drama
  • This is an ideal companion for students of Renaissance drama, offering students and teachers a range of primary contextual sources to illuminate their understanding alongside close critical readings of the major plays of the period

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