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Aussie STEM Stars: Munjed Al Muderis

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The Aussie STEM Stars series is an inspiring series for children and young teens aged 10–13 years that celebrates Australia's experts in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Each book is written by an award-winning children's author and follows the real-life stories of some of Australia's top scientists and inventors, chosen on the basis of their pioneering work. Themes explored include childhood, school, family, and formative experiences, what inspired them to pursue their chosen path, how they persevered in the face of challenges, and their contribution that is making a difference for humans and the planet.


Munjed has always said life is about 'making a difference'. His resilience, determination and view of the world as a glass half full, not half empty, has helped him excel in his chosen career.

Munjed fled war-torn Iraq, arriving at Christmas Island in a rickety boat. He spent ten months in a detention centre. Now a surgeon, his fascination for robotics and desire to help others led to the development of a new surgery that inserts a titanium implant into the bone. This means artificial limbs can be permanently attached to the human skeleton, changing the quality of life for amputees and allowing them greater mobility and level of feeling.

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