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Arden Performance Editions: Macbeth

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For the first time, the world-renowned Arden Shakespeare is producing Performance Editions, aimed specifically for use in the rehearsal room. Published in association with the Shakespeare Institute, the text features easily accessible facing-page notes – including short definitions of words, key textual variants, and guidance on metre and pronunciation, a larger font size for easier reading, space for writing notes and reduced punctuation aimed at the actor rather than the reader. With editorial expertise from the worlds of theatre and academia, the series has been developed in association with actors and drama students.

The series editors are distinguished scholars Professor Michael Dobson, Dr Abigail Rokison and leading Shakespearean actor, Simon Russell Beale.

Arden Performance Editions are ideal for anyone engaging with a Shakespeare play in performance. With clear facing-page notes giving definitions of words, easily accessible information about key textual variants, lineation, metrical ambiguities and pronunciation, each edition has been developed to open the play's possibilities and meanings to actors and students.

Each edition offers:

  • Facing-page notes
  • Short, clear definitions of words
  • Easily accessible information about key textual variants
  • Notes on pronunciation of difficult names and unfamiliar words
  • An easy to read layout
  • Space to write notes
  • A short introduction to the play

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