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Tunnel Vision (Lifetime Access)

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Shortly after the Napthine Government announced it would build the East West Link toll road project, a test drilling rig arrived, unannounced, near award-winning filmmaker Ivan Hexter's home.

Drawn into the action, Ivan grabbed his camera and for over 18 months recorded some 60 hours of community pickets, mass demonstrations, confrontations with police, campaign meetings, legal challenges and the ensuing media coverage.

The result is Tunnel Vision (2016), a documentary that tells the compelling story of how community members and activists stood up, were heard and made history by stopping a massive toll road project so we might benefit from improved public transport.

Told from the perspective of key players in what became an epic battle, Tunnel Vision follows the unfolding story of a remarkable citizens' movement where civil disobedience, savvy social media strategies and direct frontline action undermined a government spin campaign, challenged vested interests, excited the mass media, confronted police and won.

Running Time: 58 mins



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