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Jolly Swagman, The (Lifetime Access)

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Once a Jolly Swagman … came here by boat! Ravi fled civil chaos in his homeland of Sri Lanka, hoping for a better life in Australia … but the Australian Government had other ideas.

At the height of civil unrest in Sri Lanka, Ravi (Tamil) felt that he had no other choice but to jump on a leaky boat and try to make his way to Australia in order to seek asylum. The Australian Government had other plans for Ravi. Through a deliberate juxtaposition, Ravi shares his personal story of life inside the Nauru Immigration Detention Centre, to a back-drop of haunting instrumental renditions of 'Waltzing Matilda'. He tells of the devastating chaos that led him to flee his homeland, the treacherous boat journey that found him imprisoned indefinitely, and the ongoing mental health issues that he faces now that he's been released temporarily into Australian society.

Trigger Warning: Abuse, rape, torture, suicide

Explicit Language Warning

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