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Indigenous Australia: Art, Diversity and Meaning

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This education pack has been prepared for schools. The two-DVD pack contains four documentary films about Indigenous art and culture in Australia.

Each of these documentaries, is from a very different place in Australia and the student will have an opportunity to study the diversity of the art making of Indigenous peoples in Australia.


1. Alick Tipoti: Zugub, the Mask, the Spirits and the Stars (Torres Strait)

In this film we travel with renowned artist Alick Tipoti to his island of Badu in the Torres Strait. A powerful interpreter of his culture, Alick leads a journey through his creative life as carver, printmaker, mask maker, songster and choreographer

2. Bush Plum: The Contemporary Art of Angelina Pwerle (Central Australia)

In this film we visit Central Australia, a place of extraordinary power and beauty. The art from this place is a mirror, a spiritual reflection of beliefs, of culture, of country and of nature. For Angelina Pwerle and her friend Gladdy Kemarre, making art is life.


3. Western Arnhem Land Part One: The Brush Sings: Injalak - An Aboriginal Art Centre (Western Arnhem Land)

As the cycle of the seasons of the Kunwinjku people unfold, as they have done for thousands of years, the humidity and heat build and usher in the wet season. In this film we visit artists from Gunbalanya and Injalak Arts and Crafts in Western Arnhem Land.

4. Julie Gough: We Walked on a Carpet of Stars (Tasmania and New South Wales)

A film about the work of artist Julie Gough. We trace the links and references to Aboriginal Tasmania and cross the bridge to the heart of contemporary culture at the Biennale of Sydney.

Running time: 128 mins

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