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Bromley: Light After Dark

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Bromley: Light After Dark is a journey through the life (so far) of painter, potter and all-round creative David Bromley, a rousing exploration of finding joy, love and creativity.

David found that art appeased his mental health issues and helped him find beauty in the world, so he made the life-changing decision to commit to something meaningful. Peeling away the layers of anxiety, phobias and suicide survival, whilst embracing the humour and energy that is ever-present, David’s journey is not complete without his wife Yuge, and it’s through this powerful partnership that we witness first-hand the fragility of David’s world and state of mind.

As the Bromleys live their authentic lives, interviews with friends, critics and musicians add perspectives and insight on the creative process, on living with mental health problems. and commercialisation of art, a process that is not without its critics, which David consistently and cheerfully defies. Ultimately, this is a love story for the ages and an insight into a unique creativity. As David himself says, ‘art saved my life’. But that’s just the beginning of this story…

Running time: 94 mins

Classification: M (Mature themes, coarse language, drug references and sexualised imagery)

ATOM has also produced a study guide for Bromley: Light After DarkThis study guide is available for download here.

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