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Screen Education #96

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Screen Education is a quarterly magazine for media teachers, and for primary and secondary teachers interested in harnessing the power of visual media to stimulate learning. It is essential reading for those with an interest in media literacy, offering a unique and engaging perspective on screen education, and is an invaluable resource for upper secondary students and university students studying film.

Each issue provides the reader with practical classroom ideas, lesson plans and activities along with essays, study guides, updates on new technology and research into media pedagogy. The magazine also analyses and offers ways to navigate the ever-changing new media landscape and the benefits (e.g. interactive learning tools) and potential issues (e.g. cyberbullying and pornography) that come with it. Screen Education publishes articles by educators, scholars and critics, and is partially refereed.


New & Notable
Remembrance as Reconstruction: Excavating Memory in Roma – Gabrielle O'Brien
Radioactive Material: Truth and Lies in Chernobyl – Garry Westmore
Virtual Realities: Social Media and Coming of Age in Eighth Grade – Meg Roberts
Way Out West: Violence, Genre and The Sisters Brothers – Anthony Carew

Screens in the Classroom
Cinema Science: Playing with Physics in the Toy Story Universe – Dave Crewe
At Nature's Mercy: The Contemporary Australian Western – Brian McFarlane
Family Values: Forging Bonds in the Guardians of the Galaxy Films – Rebekah Brammer
Wide Open Road: Freedom and Facade in The Meaning of Vanlife – Kath Dooley

Talking Society
The Pulse of History: In My Blood It Runs and Indigenous Identity – Suzie Gibson
The Future Is Now: A 2040 Study Guide – Luke Rodesiler and Russell Mayo

Filmmaker Profile
Claire Denis – Anthony Carew

Teaching Media
Fierce Fidelity and Careful Transformation: Adapting Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events for Netflix – Erin Hawley
Writing with Sound and Vision: The Audiovisual Essay in the Classroom – Catherine Fowler and Sean Redmond

Tech'd Out
Sync or Swim: RoughAnimator – Kevin Lavery

Film as Text
Ratcatcher: Childhood, Trauma and Transitional Spaces – Cristina Alvarez Lopez
Other People's Stories: Reproducing History in The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith – Zoe Wallin

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