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Screen Education #66

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Screen Education is a quarterly magazine for media teachers, and for primary and secondary teachers interested in harnessing the power of visual media to stimulate learning. It is essential reading for those with an interest in media literacy, offering a unique and engaging perspective on screen education, and is an invaluable resource for upper secondary students and university students studying film.

Each issue provides the reader with practical classroom ideas, lesson plans and activities along with essays, study guides, updates on new technology, and research into media pedagogy. The magazine also analyses and offers ways to navigate the ever-changing new media landscape and the benefits (e.g. interactive learning tools) and potential issues (e.g. cyberbullying and pornography) that come with it. Screen Education publishes articles by educators, scholars and critics, and is partially refereed.


'Appetite for Spectacle: Violence and Entertainment in The Hunger Games' – Myke Bartlett
'Silence is Golden Again: The Artist: A Study Guide' – Peter Gutiérrez
'Fragments from an Adamant Life: The Iron Lady' – Brian McFarlane

'Events' – Andrea Foxworthy

Blockbuster Central
'Steven Spielberg and the Temple of Fame' – Peter Gutiérrez

Primary & Middle Years
'Nim's Island Sets Sail: A Children's Author on the Journey from Bookstore to Big Screen' – Wendy Orr
'Navigating the News: Exploring Current Affairs with Young Students' – Anne Vize

Teaching Media
'Thought for Food: Documenting Agricultural Decline Around the World' – Susanna Nelson
'Thinking in the Key of MTV: Engaging Students Through Music Videos' – Kerri-Jane Burke
'Learning About Laughter: Looking at One Teacher's Unit on Comedy Films' – Kathy Garland
'A Film Studio at Your Fingertips: Using Machinima in the Classroom' – Matt Kelland

In the Industry
'From Pop Princesses to Gossip Queens: Content Producer Lauren Jones Discusses Climbing the Online Media ladder' – Rowena Robertson

Genre Matters
'Paradise Is Burning: Expressing the Unspeakable Through Melodrama in All That Heaven Allows and Far from Heaven' – Simon Rogers

Film as Text
'The Sounds of Love and Monotony: Telling Stories Without Speech in Samson & Delilah' – Johnny Milner
'The F Word: Power and Gender in Thelma & Louise' – Alexandra Heller-Nicholas
'From Victim to Vigilante: Anomie and Misanthropy in Gran Torino' – Christopher Traficante
'Dreams on Credit: Searching for Connections in Shopgirl' – Rebecca Ciezarik
'An Intricate Dystopia: The Complexities of Narrative in Terry Gilliam's Brazil' – Matthew Campora

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