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Art of Editing: Australian Screen Editors Discuss Creativity in Editing, The

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The Art of Editing: Australian Screen Editors Discuss Creativity in Editing looks specifically at the creative practice of editing in defining editing as a craft or an art. It is very difficult to ascertain let alone measure how much editors contribute to the final look and feel of a film. The editor has a major input in terms of shaping the performances, the rhythm and pacing of the action, and the final structure or shape of the film. How an audience responds to a film emotionally is very much determined by these factors, and yet the key attributes of editing are the most difficult to define.

The Art of Editing investigates the attributes of creative editing practice from a distinctly Australian perspective. Seven acclaimed Australian screen editors, including Jill Bilcock, Ken Sallows, Dany Cooper and Jack Hutchings, discuss the key themes associated with creativity in editing across seven sections. These include – editing as an Art or Craft, The Editor as Co-creator, Storytelling verses Style, and Visible Editing. The discussions are embellished by a compilation of film clips taken from an impressive body of work by these illustrious editors, in itself an expose of Australian film and television.

The Art of Editing has been enthusiastically embraced by academics both nationally and internationally, editors and industry practitioners as an important creative research outcome documenting contemporary Australian film editing practice, and as a valuable educational resource in teaching the creative art of editing.

The Art of Editingis also available to stream for 7-day rental, 30-day rental, 1-year rental and lifetime access here.

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