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Sisters, Pearls & Mission Girls

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In 1907, a group of young Irish nuns came ashore in one of Australia's most rugged and inhospitable regions – the far northwest. Their task was to 'civilise and evangelise' the local Aboriginal people, first at Beagle Bay, then the notoriously wild pearling town of Broome.

This epic story of the Sisters of St John of God is set against one of the darkest and untold periods of Australia's past, where slavery, leprosy, war and brutal government policies impacted on the local Aboriginal people.

Using rare archival material, re-enactments and contemporary anecdotes, the shared experiences of the Aborigines and the Sisters create a compelling story of loss, determination and survival.

'It's hard not to come away from this documentary with anything but admiration for these strong, spirited, dedicated women who made a home in the remote region and have been embraced by the community there.' – The Age

'... Filled with the glow of a warm optimism that isn't often generated by documentaries on this dark subject.' – The Weekend Australian

Special features: Extended interviews with the Sisters

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