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Reindeer in My Saami Heart, Jabe Babe: A Heightened Life and Maverick Mother (3-DVD Set)

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NB: This product is a set of three DVDs: Reindeer in My Saami Heart, Jabe Babe: A Heightened Life and Maverick Mother, which have all been produced by Screen Culture Pty Ltd.

Reindeer in My Saami Heart is a tender and poignant exploration of one of Europe's oldest Indigenous cultures, the Saami, who have lived in Saapmi – the expanse of land covering the northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia's Kola Peninsula – for thousands of years. We are introduced to this culture through the eyes of Inghilda Tapio, a poet and advocate for the preservation of the Saami people's cultural heritage.

The documentary’s music and sound design is multi-layered, utilising electronic ‘glitch’ music as well as other styles of conventional score and sound montage to highlight feelings of wonder and awe of the natural landscape and the Saami ‘ways’ as well as the power of emotions and feelings. The rich sound design also incorporates Inghilda’s own lyrical voice-over as well as evocative ‘on-location’ synchronous sounds such as galloping reindeers, crackling fire and gushing rapids. The filmmaker’s use of sound and imagery conjures a dream-like quality that encompasses the entire film. It highlights an overall sense of fragility and tenderness about the people and the culture, drawing out its timeless spirituality.

Running time: 73 mins
Classification: Exempt
Language: English with Northern Saami

This story belongs to Jabe Babe, who started small, but grew and grew …

Jabe Babe: a Heightened Life is a documentary written and directed by Janet Merewether and produced by Janet Merewether, Deborah Szapiro and Georgia Wallace-Crabbe. Nominated for Best Documentary at both the 2005 AFI and IF awards, the film tells the story of Jabe Bromhall – Jabe Babe, a 188cm-tall dominatrix who lives with the life-threatening genetic condition Marfan Syndrome.

Jabe Bromhall is an unusual woman and the film employs an unusual documentary style to tell her story. Whilst the initial appeal of this documentary may appear to be based on voyeurism, the piece is not a sensationalistic portrayal of its subject. Rather, it is a sensory experience that plays with the notion of distorted reality by juxtaposing the use of colour, stylised sets and fictionalised accounts against more traditional narrative techniques to illustrate the life, motivations and world of Jabe Babe. In doing so, it asks its audience to consider matters as diverse as the nature of normality and abnormality, the eternal question of the 'what ifs' in life and the notion of truth in filmmaking.

Running time: 52 mins
Classification: M
Language: English

Solo motherhood is now on the verge of becoming chic in the west, a sign of ultimate reproductive independence for women. This documentary taps into a very current and contentious debate about many women's inability to find a suitable and willing male partner with whom they can have children. The film interrogates the nature of 'family' in contemporary western society and contemplates the past, present and future concepts of solo motherhood, and the attitudes of women who, rather than being 'left on the shelf' by men because they are too smart, too funny, too 'ugly', too talented or too independent, embrace their own sexuality and fertility to immerse themselves in life's greatest love and greatest challenge.

Running time: 52 mins
Classification: M
Language: English

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