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Life in Cold Blood

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The epic story of cold-blooded life, from golden frogs to seasnakes and from armadillo lizards to giant tortoises, completes David Attenborough's magnificent overview of life on the planet.

Amphibians and reptiles ruled the world for nearly 200 million years and today there are well over 14,000 species. Ranging from some of the largest, most deadly creatures on Earth to the smallest and strangest, these are some of the most fascinating and dramatic animals on the planet.

As Life in Cold Blood progresses, it reveals the amazing parental and breeding behavior of amphibians, looks at the supreme adaptability of lizards, features incredible footage of hunting snakes and explores the fascinating world of the crocodile, turtle and other armoured reptiles.

With breathtaking footage and amazing action photography that proves the cold-blooded world is as passionate, dramatic and bizarre as any on Earth, this definitive series reveals the secrets of the most successful creatures ever to walk – or crawl – on land.

  • Episode 1: The Cold Blooded Truth
  • Episode 2: Land Invaders – Amphibians
  • Episode 3: Dragons of the Dry – Lizards
  • Episode 4: Sophisticated Serpents – Snakes
  • Episode 5: Armoured Giants

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