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Jabby and Friends

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Jabby and Friends is a fun-filled DVD designed to inform and entertain Aboriginal kids and parents in northern and remote Australia about health issues relating to scabies, smoking, trachoma, infant nutrition, hygiene and healthy lifestyle choices.

The DVD contains five short stories and two songs:

  • 'Jabby's Friend' – Jabby and his grandson visit a magical old friend who gives some sound advice about his crook eyes
  • 'Jabby Don't Smoke' – Strange happenings in Junku see the whole community give up smoking
  • 'Under Your Skin' – Jabby's old mate in the desert gets scabies and nearly stops laughing forever
  • 'Grow 'Em up Strong' – Shows how important it is to feed your baby good tucker
  • 'Jabby Don't Smoke Song' – A catchy song that will have everybody singing
  • 'Shower Block Song' (in Pitjantjatjara) – A bright and cheerful film clip to encourage kids to get into the shower
  • 'Future Spex' – A pair of magic glasses gives kids a second chance to make healthy choices

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