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Greatest Wildlife Show on Earth, The / Great Natural Wonders of the World

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Two superbly filmed David Attenborough nature specials on one DVD.

Great Natural Wonders of the World sets out on a journey across the seven continents in search of the most impressive and inspiring natural wonders of our planet. From the awesome canyons of the American 'wild west' to the mighty rivers and mountains of South America, from the fiery deserts and volcanoes of Africa to the Ancient outback of Australia, our planet reveals a wealth of natural landscapes and natural marvels. Never before have so many of the world's most impressive landmarks been brought together in a single program. The tallest mountains and the longest rivers; the highest waterfalls and the deepest canyons; vast underground caverns and magical ice-caves; plunging cliffs and giant atolls; boiling fountains and racing tides – and the greatest natural light-shows on Earth.

The Greatest Wildlife Show on Earth is a spectacular film which reveals, over the period of one year, wildlife from Earth at its most stunning, colourful and multitudinous. The journey takes in sights such as 50 million monarch butterflies swarming in the forests of central Mexico, three million flamingos feeding in an African soda lake, one hundred thousand garter snakes congregating for a mass mating frenzy, a noisy crèche of emperor penguins huddled with their chicks in Antarctica and hundreds of dolphins playing together off the coast of New Zealand. This spectacular journey ends with a full moon over The Great Barrier Reef, triggering coral and many other species to spawn at the same hour, creating the biggest 'snowstorm' on Earth.

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