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2024 ATOM Media Practice Exam

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The 2024 ATOM Media Practice Exam is an invaluable resource for teachers and students of VCE Media. Written by experienced VCE Media teachers, this practice exam has been carefully written to meet the key skills and knowledge of the current VCAA study design and its exam specifications.

This exam conforms to the style and format of the current study design to help students become familiar with the type of questions they can expect, with an answer guide to help guide their responses.

The 2024 ATOM Media Practice Exam includes:

  • Section A: A series of short-to-mid-length-response questions from each of the examinable sections of the study design: Narratives and their Contexts, Media Production Process and Agency and Control
  • Section B: Two long-response questions, one from Narrative and their Contexts and one from Agency and Control in the Media. Both questions also include assessment criteria.
  • Marking Guide: Detailed notes for each question, which guide the student to what would be explored in a response. Each question also has marking criteria for an understanding of how each question would be marked by an exam assessor.

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