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Afghanistan: Inside Australia's War (ATOM Study Guide)

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Year Levels: 8-12
Streaming Content: Afghanistan: Inside Australia's War

In this series, the men and women who fought Australia's ground war in Afghanistan tell its story themselves. We hear the war as they lived it, and in the images they filmed, see it as they saw it.

This three-part series tells the story of Australia's involvement in the war in Afghanistan mainly from the perspective of the soldiers who fought there between 2001 and 2013. We learn how the war started and why Australia continued to be involved. We hear directly from the soldiers about the difficulties of fighting 'a war on terror' where the enemy cannot be easily identified. We also see and hear from Afghans about their responses to the successive waves of invasions of their country. Politicians and military leaders also reflect on their roles in the Afghanistan conflict.

Afghanistan: Inside Australia's War would be an excellent program to show to middle and senior secondary students of History, Politics, International Relations and Studies of Uprisings and Conflict. It would also be an ideal program to show to Defence Force students as an account of the complex and difficult nature of a great deal of modern warfare.

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