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Inside the G (ATOM Study Guide)

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From the bowels of the locker rooms with hero athletes and umpires, to the kitchens and high-tech hubs of the security rooms, Inside the G is a first-time look into the inner workings of the tenth biggest stadium in the world – the Melbourne Cricket Ground or MCG – during its biggest and busiest sporting events of the year.

Narrated by legendary commentator, Dennis Cometti, Episode 1 dives into the massive two-day Anzac double header with back-to-back AFL games and capacity crowds of over 90,000!

The summer of cricket is featured in Episode 2. This guide's focus is on Episode 2 – the Cricket Episode – but you could watch for when the AFL episode goes to air.

The intense peak of the Summer of Cricket finds the G proving itself to the world during the test between Australia and India on Boxing Day 2018 and then backing it up just a few days later with the massive New Year's Day Big Bash showdown between the Melbourne Stars and Renegades.

With access to all areas, this is an exclusive look into the teams, characters and machinations behind the scenes that go into putting on, quite literally, some of the biggest shows on earth!

Curriculum Links:

The documentary would be suitable for upper primary and secondary students from years 5–12. It is filled with information about the MCG, illustrating how a large and complex organisation works. We see inside and behind closed doors to learn what it takes to make a venue that can accommodate up to 90,000 patrons work like clockwork; we see how unexpected difficulties arise and how the team of professionals at the MCG keep the show on the road.

VET students would also find this documentary very interesting in showing the daily complexities and challenges in running a large sporting venue as well as the many opportunities for developing a career in some area of venue management – particularly students studying for certificates in:

  • Sports and Outdoor Education
  • Hospitality and Event Management

Students interested in working in an organisation such as the MCG would find this documentary very valuable as a guide to the variety of work available from IT to Catering, from maintaining the grounds perfectly for whatever sport is using the oval, to being part of a multi-skilled management team that deals with security, personnel, clubs, players, coaches, umpires and overseas visiting teams and audiences.

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