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Aussie Bush Tales - Series 2 (3-Day Rental)

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Aussie Bush Tales are a series of stories about three Aboriginal boys and their cousin, Jedda, who live traditionally with the elder, Moort and his wife, Marlee. Through their adventures, they learn about bush lore and about finding food. Boya though,.would much rather take the animals they find home as pets, than eat them for dinner! Meeka is the oldest of the brothers and sometimes a little too enthusiastically, tries to take care of others. Jedda takes along her woven basket for gathering bush tucker, and is always followed by her curious, white Dingo puppy, Snowy. Jarra carries his,spear and boomerang along and starts out very bravely. Often though, he is tlte first one to hide or run home should things start looking dangerous.

The children love their outdoor bush life, caring for the land and exploring the environment. The elder, Moort has a very tricky sense of humour, and shares the myths and mysteries of the bush with the children, initiating many strange and wonderful adventures. The stories include much laughter, as well as a loving respect for land and culture passed safely down through generations and across time. The children feel very privileged to walk and play in the ancient lands of their ancestors.

Aussie Bush tales are a fun and entertaining read.

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