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Wiluna Martu Ranger VR (ATOM Study Guide)

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Access the Wiluna Martu Ranger VR experience here (available via monthly or yearly subscription).

Learning about ‘Connection to Country/Place’ is now recognised as a priority in the Australian Curriculum for all Indigenous and non-Indigenous students.

For remote Indigenous students, the importance of connecting to Country is understood to be integral to both social wellbeing and education. But for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students across Australia, finding experiential ways to learn about connecting to Country enables a more complete education in Indigenous Histories and Cultures, as well as contributing to Australia’s ongoing process of reconciliation.

The development of Virtual Reality (VR) programs designed to engage students in an immersive experience of connecting with Country offers a practical option for Australian teachers and students. Using VR programs can provide students with an experience that contextualises Indigenous cultural knowledge, helping students to make important connections between Country, people, history and culture. This Wiluna Martu Rangers VR production invites students onto Martu Country alongside the Martu Rangers, represented by the Tarlka Matuwa Piarku Aboriginal Corporation as the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the area near Wiluna, a small town in central Western Australia.

Students experience a tangible sense of Martu Country as they are introduced to the Wiluna Martu Rangers’ work on-Country, as well as monitoring biodiversity of flora and fauna. Short of visiting Martu Country itself, this VR production offers an excellent way for students and teachers to develop an experiential sense of connection with the Martu Country of the western desert region of Western Australia.

Curriculum Links:

The following links can be made with Wiluna Martu Rangers VR. Please note, this list is not exhaustive. Teachers are encouraged to find other links using the framework of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures Cross-Curriculum Priority.

  • Modern History (Year 11)
  • Science (Years 7–8)
  • Geography (Years 7–10)
  • Media Arts (7–10)

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