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Uranium: Twisting the Dragon's Tail (ATOM Study Guide)

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The great power that is unleashed in 'waking the dragon' also involves great risks. What are the costs and the benefits of uranium?

The year 2015 marks the seventieth anniversary of the most profound change in the history of human enterprise on Earth: the unleashing of the elemental force within uranium, the explosion of an atomic bomb, the unleashing of the dragon. This highly engaging three-part series presents the history and science of uranium as a dominating factor in the twentieth century. The series charts out still-developing relationship with uranium and radioactivity using the motif of the dragon. This epic journey with physicist and YouTube phenomenon Dr Derek Muller tells the story of the most wondrous and terrifying rock on Earth.

Curriculum Applicability

This program and accompanying study guide are highly recommended for use by Year 10 students of Science, Humanities and The Arts.

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