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Unsung Heroes of Australian History: Secondary (Part 2) (ATOM Study Guide)

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Unsung Heroes of Australian History presents sixteen songs that celebrate and explore the achievements of some of Australia's heroes.

These heroes are generally not the well-known people who inhabit the typical history book – they are instead the hidden or unsung ordinary people who yet achieved great things, or who behaved in ways that we can all admire.

Exploring these people through the songs, and additional evidence and classroom activities, students can engage with the characters, and be encouraged to start on paths of inquiry into rich and interesting areas of the curriculum.

The songs are applicable to studies of History, Citizenship, English, Music and Art.

The songs covered in this guide are:

  • 'White Stars Blue Skies'
  • 'Louisa'
  • 'The Man and the Woman and the Edison Phonograph'
  • 'Jim Martin'

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