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Story of Earth, The (ATOM Study Guide)

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The Story of Earth is an Australian documentary directed by Russell Scott and written by Scott and Wain Fimeri. Narrated by Rachel Ward, it centres on how contemporary geology has potentially led to a new understanding of how life on Earth came to be.

The Story of Earth centres on the discoveries of Professor Martin Van Kranendonk and his student Tara Djokic. Their studies in geology have produced findings in the Pilbara region of Western Australia that challenge our current understanding of how and where life originated, suggesting that life may have first sprung up in geothermal pools rather than on the ocean floor. Their investigation takes them to Iceland, where present conditions resemble the Earth billions of years ago. Along the way, the documentary showcases geology's ability to tell us deep truths about our Earth and our solar system through the study of rocks.

Curriculum Links:

The Story of Earth is suitable for students undertaking:

  • Science (Years 4–6)
  • English (Years 4–6)
  • Science (Years 8–10)
  • English (Years 8–10)

As a curriculum resource in Science, The Story of Earth is primarily relevant to the Earth and Space Sciences strand of Science Understanding, though this Study Guide also incorporates strands from Science as a Human Endeavour and Science Inquiry Skills where appropriate.

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