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Coming Back Out Ball, The (ATOM Study Guide)

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The Coming Back Out Ball Movie follows artist Tristan Meecham as he stages a spectacular ball to celebrate the sexual and gender identity of older LGBTI+ people. Tristan works to celebrate a night that acknowledges and celebrates LGBI+ elders who, as he says, paved the way for him – a young gay man – to be out and proud.

Over the course of this documentary, eleven key characters open their hearts with raw honesty, generously sharing their painful and secretive pasts, looking back fifty years or more to a world far less accepting of LGBTI+ people.

Many of our cast have experienced social isolation. The CBOB (Coming Back Out Ball) project gave them new confidence, reasons to reconnect and vital opportunities to be accepted and respected. This shift was subtle; a coming together of disparate groups, of communities whose common ground was the shared experience of isolation and discrimination. Our film listens to elderly Australians, mostly in their seventies and eighties, who are now living their authentic life, who want to speak honestly and be heard.

Tristan battles through the judgements and doubts from stakeholders, and even some of the LGBTI+ elders he's working with, to remain focused on creating the ball. He is determined to take over Melbourne's largest civic space, the magnificent Melbourne Town Hall, to honour 'his elders'.

Curriculum Links:

The Coming Back Out Ball Movie can be linked to the following subject areas within the Australian Curriculum:

  • English (Year 10)
  • Health and Physical Education (Years 9–10)
  • History (Year 10)

It can also be linked to the following General Capabilities:

  • Ethical Understanding
  • Personal and Social Capability

The Coming Back Out Ball is also recommended as a supplementary text for students studying the following senior school subjects:

  • Health and Human Development
  • Ethics

It could also be used as a standalone or main text in Media Studies and English/Literature.

Cross-curriculum priorities:

• Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures


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