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8 Nights Out West (ATOM Study Guide)

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Year Levels: 5-6
Streaming Content: 8 Nights Out West

Western Sydney actor and filmmaker Arka Das has a passion for eating local. Over eight nights, he invites friends and collaborators from the feature film Here Out West to go out for a meal and uncover the delicious food shaping the myriad of cultures that make up Western Sydney.

Inspired by the eight distinct chapters and writers from feature film Here Out West, each episode ventures into a different culinary culture, placing a spotlight on the buzzing hubs that host their thriving diasporic communities and beyond. From Bangladeshi street food and Chilean backyard barbecues to hand-crafted Lebanese sweets, the series unearths the spots serving up honest, authentic and mouth-watering meals from many corners of the globe.

Curriculum Guidelines:

8 Nights Out West is suitable for students from upper primary years upwards.
The series can serve as a stimulus to:

  • Explore the concepts of multiculturalism and diversity;
  • Consider what it means 'to be Australian', and the examine impact of globalisation and immigration on cultural and culinary identity;
  • Discuss and compare experiences of first generation and second generation migrants;
  • Consider the value of food as a way to maintain personal and community wellbeing and connection;
  • Discuss the importance of social and cultural connection in the context of liveability of places;
  • Examine the representation of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities in the media, both on and off screen.

The series would serve as a useful supplementary text to the study of English, Media Studies, Design and Technologies, and Health and PE.

8 Nights Out West would also provide opportunities to reflect on human diversity and connectedness, making it a useful resource to address the Australian Curriculum General Capabilities – Intercultural Understanding.

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