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Struggle Street - Series 1 (ATOM Study Guide)

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Some Australian families and individuals are facing the daily hardships of economic and social disadvantage. They are struggling just to get by. Struggle Street (2015) is a three-part observational documentary series.

Struggle Street was filmed in and around the Mount Druitt area and documents the challenges of life for some individuals and families living on the fringes of Sydney's metropolitan area. Approximately one in three residents in some parts of the Mount Druitt area are public housing tenants and many live with a disproportionate rate of complex social problems. Generational disadvantage means there are few role models for young people who want to break the cycle.

Struggle Street goes beyond the tabloid headlines and introduces us to the people often wrongly labeled as 'dole bludgers', 'housos', 'druggos' and 'welfare cheats'. The series explores the circumstances and events that have led them to the difficult situations they face today.

The participants of Struggle Street gave exclusive and uncensored access to their lives over a six-month period. The result is a raw and honest account of life in an under-resourced Australian suburban area. The stories are at times confronting, but also inspiring, as we witness resilience and dignity in the face of overwhelming personal and social problems.

Curriculum Links:

This study guide to accompany Struggle Street has been written for students in Years 10–12. Struggle Street can be used in teaching:

  • English
  • Health and Human Development
  • Media Arts
  • Sociology
  • Psychology

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