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Shaun Micallef's Stairway to Heaven: Gods, Gurus & the Ganges (ATOM study guide)

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In his youth, Shaun Micallef almost joined the priesthood. Now he wonders if he may have missed his one shot at the answers to life's big questions. Heading to India, a country where spirituality and the search for meaning is very much a national pastime, he immerses himself in the Hindu world of gods, gurus and the Ganges. In a bid to get to the heart of his faith, Shaun pushes well beyond his comfort zone on a physical, mental and spiritual adventure. He journeys to the source of the Ganges high in the Himalayas – all the while offering his own unique observations on his quest to find the meaning of life.

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This study guide is mainly aimed at mid to senior secondary school levels, with relevance to English, Geography, Media Arts, Cultural Studies, Religious Studies and Philosophy.

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