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Politics, Power, Justice and the Media (Controversies from the Stuart Case) (ATOM Study Guide)

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In April 2006, a seminar was held at Adelaide University to examine a famous legal case in Australian history – the Stuart case of 1958–59. This DVD presents highlights of that seminar, dramatised with extracts from Craig Lahiff's 2002 film Black and White, a drama about the case. The seminar took place in front of a live audience at the university. Participants examine the crime, the trial, the Appeals, the Royal Commission and the aftermath, and discuss many issues still relevant today. These include:

  • 'What changes to the criminal justice system have been implemented since 1958?'
  • 'Have these been effective?'
  • 'Are the issues which arose in the Stuart case relevant today?'
  • 'What role do the media play in shaping public opinion about the criminal justice system?'
  • 'To what extent do we give a fair trial to every person before the courts?'

Curriculum Guidelines

This program goes to the heart of how our criminal justice system works through an examination of the Max Stuart case. Either the complete program or several of the seven sections of the seminar discussions could be shown to senior students of Legal Studies and Politics. For tertiary students of Law and Criminology, the program has much to offer in encouraging informed debate about the law and society. Equally, students of Aboriginal Studies would find much to interest them in this program.

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