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People Like Us (ATOM study guide)

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How do most of us respond when we meet someone with serious disability? Engaging with people with an obvious disability can be confronting, unnerving and awkward. Are we looking at the disability of a person with disability?

People Like Us follows four young people – Shannon, Craig, Amy and Kevin – who are volunteering at a summer camp run by Legacy, a charity that assists the families of Australian Defence Force members who lose their lives or health in serving their country.

The camp is for a group of Junior Legatees (JLs), the children of deceased war veterans, who have a variety of disabilities including Down Syndrome, Schizophrenia, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Acquired Brain Injury and Multiple Sclerosis. The JLs' familiarity with their environment and each other makes them excited, cheeky, obnoxious, hilarious and fun. Their disabilities can make them vulnerable and a lot of work. The camp is a balancing act right from the start.

Curriculum Links

People Like Us is recommended for students in Years 8–12 and can be linked to studies of Health and Physical Education, and English.

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