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My Family Feast (ATOM Study Guide)

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Sharing a meal with someone else's family is an insightful experience. My Family Feast invites us to feast with award-winning chef Sean Connolly and some of Australia's most culturally diverse families.

Part cultural profile and part cooking show, in each episode of My Family Feast, Australians with diverse ethnic backgrounds invite Connolly into their homes, introduce him to their families, share cultural traditions and teach both Connolly and the audience how to cook a family feast with recipes and techniques that have been lovingly passed from generation to generation.

This study guide has been written for junior, middle and senior secondary students. It provides information and suggestions for learning activities in Arabic, Chinese, English and ESL, Food and Technology, Geography, Italian, Media, SOSE/HSIE, Spanish, Vietnamese and curriculum projects exploring the concepts of cultural identity and family.

In viewing the series and completing the activities that are part of this study guide, students will gain an understanding of the roles that food plays in people's lives; learn about different cultures through learning about the food that they eat; explore the contributions that different cultures make to Australian society and use a range of research methods and presentation formats.

There are seven episodes in Series 1 of My Family Feast. Each episode has a running time of twenty-five minutes.

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