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Love on the Spectrum - Series 2 (ATOM Study Guide)

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Season 2 of Love on the Spectrum continues to tell the stories of people on the autism spectrum as they navigate the world of dating and relationships.

With a few familiar faces and some delightful new ones, Season 2 represents an even wider range of people and personalities, showing just how diverse the autism spectrum really is. While Season 1 saw participants stepping out on dates for the very first time, this second season sees relationships form and develop.

In Season 1, Australia fell in love with Michael and his search for true love. Alas, Michael is still a single man. Ever determined, he continues his quest and gets closer to fulfilling his dream. Once again, Michael brings his irreverent and unique perspective to his story.

Jimmy and Sharnae ended Season 1 with a powerful, raw and very real declaration of their love for each other when Jimmy proposed to the love of his life. We catch up with the young couple as they pack their bags for their first trip overseas – they are heading to Las Vegas where Jimmy will compete in a world pool championship event. As his number one fan, Sharnae is by his side cheering him on.

Mark melted hearts across the nation with his romantic dreams of finding love. Appearing in Season 1 helped Mark build his confidence and he's keen to get back out there to look for his perfect match. If she loved dinosaurs that would definitely be a bonus.

Relationship expert Jodi Rodgers continues to provide support and tips in her refreshingly down to earth way. This season she is there to support newcomers Ronan and Teo, two young singles who are bursting with nerves and excitement at the prospect of starting their dating journeys. We also meet singles Kassandra and Jayden, who represent both experienced and first time daters.

This season we see romantic sparks between singles who date both neurodiverse and neurotypical partners. We explore heterosexuality, bisexuality and pansexuality. And we share the blossoming of love between young adults with intellectual disabilities.

The one thing they all have in common: they all wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Curriculum Links:

Love on the Spectrum presents an opportunity to discuss the impact of an autism spectrum disorder on the already tricky path of forming intimate connections with others. The series can be used as a springboard for discussion about social norms and expectations, our own and other's perceptions and responses to people with disability, the importance of advocacy and acceptance and how autism and other disability is portrayed in audiovisual texts.

This study guide to accompany Love on the Spectrum has been written for students in Years 9–12 in the following learning areas:

  • English
  • Health and Human Development
  • Media Studies
  • Psychology

Teachers should consult the study designs and curriculum outlines relevant to these subjects in their state or territory.

Love on the Spectrum is also a valuable resource for students undertaking certificate and tertiary studies in Community Services and Health. While the study guide has been specifically written for students, many of the suggested activities may support the professional learning of health and disability support workers and facilitate discussion in community groups supporting people with disability and carers of people with disability.

Students should be briefed about the content and purpose of Love on the Spectrum before viewing. Teachers need to provide students with a safe and supportive classroom environment, particularly those students who may have a disability or live with family members with disability. Teachers need to respect the personal circumstances of these students and remain aware of their sensitivities. These students may be willing to share their experiences and understandings of the ideas and issues explored in Love on the Spectrum with the class.

Teachers are advised to preview Love on the Spectrum before classroom screenings or asking students to watch the series.

ATOM has also produced a study guide for Series 1 of Love on the Spectrum. This study guide is available to download here.

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