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Know It Alls - Series 1: Visual Arts (ATOM Study Guide)

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Know It Alls is a factual shorts series hosted by Adelaide Kennedy, Marianne Hanna and Chenelle Carr. In each episode, one of the hosts takes one smart kid and one 'adequate' adult on a fact-finding mission through a unique museum topic. The aim is to discover who can cram their way to success in a 'kid vs adult' quiz to be declared the Know It All.

Curriculum Links:

Know It Alls – Series 1: Visual Arts is suitable viewing for primary school students in the Australian Curriculum learning area of The Arts with a specific focus on Visual Arts. Teachers should consult curriculum outlines relevant to their state or territory for further information.

The learning activities in this study guide have been written for students in Years 5–8. Connections can be made to the Years 3–4 Visual Arts curriculum. It is expected that teachers will adjust activities to meet the demands of their curriculum programs and the literacy levels of their students.

Episode Synopses:

Episode 1 – Photography
Comedian Demi Lardner and Ruby go on a photography-finding mission to cram as many facts as they can at the National Gallery of Australia.

Episode 2 – Modernism
Aylin and comedian Demi Lardner transport themselves to the ground-breaking world of modernist art and delve into colour, shapes and composition.

Episode 3 – Landscape
Comedian Cassie Workman and Orlando learn all about how art, particularly sculptures, can transform landscapes.

Episode 4 – Know My Name
Maiya and comedian Cassie Workman learn about some of Australia's women artists featured in the 'Know My Name' exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia.

Episode 5 – Art Overall
Comedian Carlo Ritchie goes head to head with Shantini and Janaki at the National Gallery of Australia. Are two child-sized-heads cleverer than one adult-sized-head?

Episode 6 – Skywhales
Comedian Carlo Ritchie and Oscar fly into the sky of knowledge as they learn all about the enormous hot air balloon sculpture Skywhale and Skywhalepapa.

Episode 7 – Sustainability
Ashton and comedian Cassie Workman learn all about using natural and recycled materials to create sustainable works of art.

Episode 8 – Blue Poles
Comedian Carlo Ritchie and Ruby get to express themselves 'abstractedly' as they make their way around the National Gallery's abstract art collection.

Episode 9 – Shared History
Comedian Rodney Todd and Xavier learn about what art can tell us about Australia's shared history at the Art Gallery of NSW.

Episode 10 – Environmental Activism
Eloise and comedian Rodney Todd visit the Art Gallery of NSW to investigate what landscape paintings reveal about man's relationship with the natural landscape.

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