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Kanyini (ATOM Study Guide)

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Kanyini is a story told by an Aboriginal man, Bob Randall, who lives beside the world's greatest monolith, Uluru, in central Australia. Based on Bob's own personal journey and the wisdom he learnt from the old people living in the bush, Bob tells the tale of why Indigenous people are now struggling in a modern world and what needs to be done for them to move forward. A tale of Indigenous wisdom clashing against materialist notions of progress, this is not only a story of one man and his people but the story of the human race. Kanyini is a Pitjantjatjara word meaning interconnectedness; to care for, to support, to nurture and protect.

This is a film of great beauty and wisdom, offering an accessible account of what has happened to Indigenous Australians since the arrival of the white man. The story is told without bitterness and invites all Australians to work together to understand, acknowledge and redress the wrongs of the past so that we all learn from each other in developing respect and understanding for our different cultures.

Kanyini is available to stream for 7-day, 30-day, 1-year and lifetime access here.

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