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I Love You Too

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This study guide to accompany I Love You Too (Daina Reid, 2010), a feature film by Princess Pictures, has been written for senior secondary students. It provides information and suggestions for learning activities in English, Literature and Media.

I Love You Too is rated M and has a running time of 107 minutes.

Jim is a thirty-something man whose inability to declare his love to his girlfriend, English-born Alice, threatens to cost him the best thing he ever had. When Jim can't say the words that Alice needs to hear, she decides it's time for her to return to London. Jim is left to contemplate what went wrong. After all, who gets dumped on their birthday and what's wrong with a commitment ring?

Jim does what every man would do in that situation: he calls his best mate, Blake, and goes on a bender. He drinks himself stupid and then attempts to steal a car. When Jim is in the car he discovers a love letter that is so beautiful that he wonders whether this is the way to tell Alice that he loves her too.

The love letter belongs to short-statured, widowed photographer Charlie, who is in love with unattainable Italian supermodel Francesca Moretti. Despite Charlie's initial mistrust of Jim, the two forge an unlikely friendship. Jim promises to help Charlie deliver the letter to Francesca and Charlie helps Jim find the words that will win Alice back.

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