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Chateau Chunder: A Wine Revolution (ATOM Study Guide)

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Chateau Chunder is a witty and entertaining documentary that tells the recent history of Australian wine, revealing how a small group of enterprising Australian winemakers took on the elitist world of wine … and won. Full of amusing anecdotes and fascinating insights, we see how changing the way Aussie wine was made and marketed transformed it from ridicule – ‘not for drinking but for laying down and avoiding’ – into an extraordinary international success story.

Curriculum Guidelines:
This program would be enjoyed by middle and senior secondary students in the following curriculum areas: Environmental Science, Geography, Agricultural Science, SOSE (HSIE), Australian Culture and Society, Business Studies, Industry and Enterprise, Film and Media Studies.

Agricultural Science involves the study of the ways people manage natural resources such as plants, animals, climate, soil and water to meet their needs. Increasingly, students also learn how to apply a range of technologies in agricultural production and how to effectively develop and market products (agribusiness). At tertiary level this program offers an excellent introduction to students studying Viticulture. The history and information is presented in a visually lively and often humorous way. For students of media studies, it demonstrates an inventive approach to presenting social history on film.

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