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Black Divaz (ATOM Study Guide)

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Black Divaz goes behind the glitz, glamour and hot glue guns of the inaugural Miss First Nation Pageant. Over five steamy days contestants will battle it out in fierce lip synching battles, photo shoots with crocodiles and challenges that will see each contestant stretch more than just their wardrobe choices. What does it take to be crowned the winner? We follow each contestant as they talk candidly about what brought them to this glittering stage - their triumphs and tragedies and what being Miss First Nation means for them and their communities.  

Curriculum Links

Black Divaz can be linked to the following subject areas in the Australian Curriculum and connects directly with the Cross Curriculum Priority Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures:

- English – Years 8 -10

- Humanities – Year 10

It can also be studied in relation to the following General Capabilities:

  • Ethical Understanding
  • Personal and Social Capabilities

Specific Links to the English Curriculum: Black Divaz relates to the following Year 9 and 10 English Content Descriptions:

  • Students engage with a variety of texts for enjoyment. They interpret, create, evaluate, discuss and perform a wide range of literary texts in which the primary purpose is aesthetic, as well as texts designed to inform and persuade. These include various types of media texts, including newspapers, film and digital texts, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, dramatic performances and multimodal texts, with themes and issues involving levels of abstraction, higher order reasoning and intertextual references.
  • These texts explore themes of human experience and cultural significance, interpersonal relationships, and ethical and global dilemmas within real-world and fictional settings and represent a variety of perspectives - Interpret and compare how representations of people and culture in literary texts are drawn from different historical, social and cultural contexts (ACELT1633 )
  • Present an argument about a literary text based on initial impressions and subsequent analysis of the whole text.

Specific Links to the Humanities and Social Sciences Curriculum: Black Divaz relates to the following Year 10 History Content Descriptions:

  • Continuity and change in beliefs and values that have influenced the Australian way of life (ACDSEH149 - Scootle )
  • Background to the struggle of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples for rights and freedoms before 1965, including the 1938 Day of Mourning and the Stolen Generations.
  • The continuing nature of efforts to secure civil rights and freedoms in Australia and throughout the world, such as the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (2007) (ACDSEH143 - Scootle )
  • Australia’s contribution to international popular culture (music, film, television, sport) (ACDSEH123 - Scootle )

Black Divaz also relates to the following Historical Skills across multiple year levels:

• Analysis and Use of Sources:

  • Identify the origin, purpose and context of primary and secondary sources (ACHHS187)
  • Evaluate the reliability and usefulness of primary and secondary sources (ACHHS189)

• Perspectives and Interpretations:

  • Identify and analyse the perspectives of people from the past (ACHHS190)
  • Identify and analyse different historical interpretations (including their own) (ACHHS191)

• Explanation and Communication

  • Develop texts, particularly descriptions and discussions that use evidence from a range of sources that are referenced (ACHHS192 )
  • Select and use a range of communication forms (oral, graphic, written) and digital technologies (ACHHS193 )


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