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Better Date Than Never (ATOM Study Guide)

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Better Date Than Never is a character-led docuseries following a diverse group of single love seekers as they take a huge step in anyone’s life – into the dating world.

Each participant has a unique story, and a different reason for a later start to their dating journey. They all share a common goal – to step out on their first date.

With a little help from the producers, the participants launch themselves into a world they’ve always wanted to explore. They are matched with a potential suitor, and ready themselves to meet them on a blind date. We are with them as they experience the most important moment of their dating lives: the beginning.

Participants’ stories are interwoven across the series as they set out on the sometimes rocky road to finding love. As their stories develop, connections will be made, hearts will break and love will blossom.

Refreshingly real, honest and diverse, Better Date Than Never is a warm-hearted series exploring the world of dating and relationships, from the creators of Love On The Spectrum.

Curriculum Links:

Better Date Than Never was born from a desire to tell inclusive stories of love and relationships. It challenges the idea that only attractive, confident and able-bodied people are deserving of love, and encourages viewers to recognize everyone as worthy of finding love regardless of sexuality, body type or ability.

The program will have particular interest and relevance for senior secondary and tertiary students in the following curriculum areas:

  • Psychology
  • Community services and health
  • Health and human development
  • English
  • Media Studies

This documentary provides opportunities to reflect on human diversity, the nature of relationships and the importance of advocacy and acceptance. It is a useful resource to address the Australian Curriculum General Capability – Personal and Social Capability, in particular the sub-strand of ‘social awareness’.

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